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                    Chervon Auto Won the” EXCELLENT SUPPLIER OF HYCET “


                    The Annual Meeting of HYCET transmission System Co., LTD was successfully held in Xuzhou (Pizhou), Jiangsu Province on Mar. 30th, 2023.

                    With the on-time delivery, good quality, professional technical support and excellent cooperation, Nanjing Chervon Auto Precision Technology Co., LTD won the “Excellent Supplier" of HYCET transmission System Co. LTD award.  Our general manager, Mr. Zhang Ding, accepted the award as a representative.

                    This award is the recognition of Chervon Auto performance. We will make continuous improvement on our cost, quality, technical and delivery in the future. At the same time, as a long-term strategic partner of HYCET, Chervon Auto will always adhere to the enterprise philosophy of "build world-class manufacturing capability, layout top level auto supplier chain", continue to strengthen the cooperation with HYCET, and try our best to make innovation of the new energy vehicle market.

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